In 2025 BT no longer supporting ISDN telephone lines, what to do?


In 2025, BT is due to switch off both ISDN and PSTN services as it moves towards an entirely VoIP based model of voice communication. What is the impact of this for your business and do you need to take any action before the ISDN switch off takes place?  The short answer is YES!

In preparation for the 2025 deadline when BT will no longer be supporting the ISDN telephone lines that currently provide communications links to millions of businesses in the UK, TALK TELECOM is helping and assisting businesses prepare for this deadline with a reliable and inexpensive cloud based VoIP telephone system specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses.

As TALK TELECOM is not tied to any one carrier, we can offer true independent advice as to which solution and system will meet the current and future demands of your business.   Talk Telecom is currently working with businesses in London, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire to ensure they are prepared for the 2025 deadline.

Anyone can use Talk Telecom’s VOIP cloud based telephone system – you could be a brand new start-up simply needing a new phone number, or a growing business needing a flexible way of supporting staff and homeworkers, or an established business needing to prepare for the forthcoming 2025 deadline.

If your company is thinking of moving offices, upgrading your existing  telephone system or want advice on what you need to do to be ready for the 2025 deadline, call the VoIP telephony specialists, Talk Telecom on 0333 240 6660 or email

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