Mobile Apps for Business – stay connected, take payments on the move and monitor your websites performance

Cool mobile apps for business that we at Talk Telecom think you may like to know about.


If you’re not yet familiar with WIX Mobile, prepare to have your mind blown. This app has many actions that are essential and valuable to any small company owner, including but not limited to:

Managing your bookings and appointments and staying on top of your schedule.

Viewing, sending and controlling your online store invoices.

Setting up a chat option to communicate with your site visitors on the go, including a feature for quick replies.

Engaging with your contacts via calls or email.

Staying synced with your team as you manage your website together.

Uploading and editing images to your media account.

These awesome features and more make WIX Mobile one of the best apps for small businesses available.



Potentially one of the best mobile wallet apps that can transform how small businesses process credit card payments and how customers complete purchases. Using the app interface and a convenient card reader, Square provides the ultimate transaction solution that is loved by both owners and their clients. If your business has a physical location where you make any type of sale, Square is going to be your best friend.


Lastly but not least by any means

Google Analytics

Keep track of your website’s performance stats straight from your mobile device. Google Analytics is an extremely informative platform for measuring and analysing data about your visitors and their behaviour while visiting your site. Monitoring sources of traffic and the quality of visits that they produce provides valuable information about your site’s strengths and weaknesses. You can leverage this information into content and marketing strategy to increase traction and expand your business’ reach.

Talk telecoms is not sponsored by nor being paid to mention any of the above-mentioned mobile apps, we just think they are pretty cool, good for business  and you should know about them.


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