M2M (machine to machine)

M2M (machine to machine) enables a device to be located anywhere in any country, to be simultaneously monitored and managed. This allows you to see real-time information, track an asset or retrieve information for your business to analyse and act-upon.

An M2M SIM card from Talk Telecom can deliver your business data from any location across the mobile network and to the destination of your choice. M2M will work for just about any industry and will enable your business to become more efficient.

The web portal will provide you with the facility to:

  • Live data monitoring
  • View active and Inactive SIM’s
  • Connect SIM’s
  • Bar SIM’s
  • Do SIM Swap’s
  • View all mobile numbers associated with the relevant SIM cards
  • Incorporate a description with each SIM for ease of reference when reviewing data
  • There are many different exception reports available online through the portal

Depending on your preference, the SIM cards can be on O2, Vodafone or EE.

The possibilities and uses for M2M services are endless.