Ethernet In The First Mile (EFM)

Similar to Leased Lines, EFM delivers a high speed, reliable internet connection to your business. The difference between the two is that EFM uses bundles of copper pairs to connect to the local exchange whereas Leased Lines use fibre. This means EFM can be more cost effective, highly resilient and installation is much simpler and faster. Speeds are symmetrical, so unlike a broadband connection you get the same speeds uploading data as you do downloading.


Key features of EFM

  • High speeds and reliable connectivity without the high price of a Leased Line 
  • Uses copper that is already in place for quick installation
  • Uses multiple copper lines to ensure your business stays connected
  • Strict SLA's, managed and monitored 24/7 365
  • Lower monthly rental and installation costs
  • Talk Telecom provide EFM circuits at competitive rates
  • Dedicated account management and support
  • Next step from ADSL or FTTC for growing businesses

Ethernet First Mile (or Ethernet in the First Mile) is one of the most commonly purchased types of leased lines, this is because it is the most cost effective.  Unlike traditional Fibre Leased Lines, EFM mixes new technology with ‘old world’ copper in the first mile which instantly means lower costs, whilst delivering higher resilience and quicker installation times.

How much bandwidth do I need?

When considering which type of connectivity would best suit your needs, Talk Telecom will help you determine how much bandwidth you need, both up and down stream. Your office location and data transfer are also important factors along with how critical internet connection is to your business.