Audio Conferencing

We've all suffered the same old annoyances on our conference calls... not knowing who's on or who's speaking, tracking down missing guests, enduring distracting background noise, battling against technology that we wish would just work! With Talk Telecom’s audio conferencing, these frustrations will be a thing of the past.

At Talk Telecom we understand that nothing is more important than reliability when it comes to your everyday remote meetings. Talk Telecom offers a premium business conferencing solution, with dial-in access from around the world at very competitive rates.

Just 2 clicks to create a conference invite, formatted with your LoopUp™ details.

Create pre-formatted invites from our add-in for Outlook®, smartphone apps, or browser invite tool.

nYour invites automatically include the LoopUp join link for fast, simple meeting access.

Easily add and remove international dial-in numbers from a country checklist.

As soon as your first guest joins your meeting, LoopUp alerts your computer and smartphone. Just click 'View' to see who just joined.

Click the link in the invite to join from any device – LoopUp immediately calls you on the phone number you choose.

You'll never need dial-in numbers or access codes again - but if necessary we have a wide range of international dial-in numbers.

From your computer, smartphone or tablet, you’ll always know ‘who just joined’ and ‘who’s that speaking’.