5G, you probably have some questions, let’s answer some of them for you

With news that 5G will no longer be a thought of our imagination you probably have some questions like…

  • is it safe?
  • Is it better than 4G?
  • Is it worth it?

A lot of people have speculated that 5G may be bad for our health but many tests have been carried out to make sure the product is safe the UK regulator, found no known risks in its first tests since 5G technology was announced. The highest result they found for the 5G band was 0.039% of the recommended exposure limit.

(Photo Credit BBC News)

A lot of people may be asking themselves what’s the difference between 4G and 5G, Perhaps the biggest difference between 4G and 5G is speed. 5G is said to deliver the best ever mobile speeds, that will produce a quicker, better and more reliable performance. While 4G has a maximum download speed of 300 Mbps, 5G is expected to achieve download speeds of 10 Gbps. It is also said that there won’t be a major price difference.

According to a Intelligence report, 15% of global mobile connections will be on 5G by 2025. By that same year, 4G usage will be about 59% an increase from the 43% it was in 2018. By these figures 5G will not replace 4G in the way that 4G did with 3G when it launched, but it will be a good update option for those who rely on data whether it be for work or simply looking busy whilst looking at social media as 5G is said to be so much faster.

Not all mobile phones will be 5G ready, so if you are thinking of purchasing a new mobile phone and want the best data speeds available, check to make sure your new mobile phone purchase is 5G ready.compatible.


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