Structured Cabling

Installation of structured data cabling systems are important for all businesses to ensure local network connectivity in conjunction with a complete telecoms infrastructure. As part of the connected world local and internet connectivity is of significant importance.  Structured network cabling reduces network downtime and using modern standards future proofs your network with good connectivity and network patching that facilitates high-speed internet access.

Professional structured cabling is governed by standards that govern the installation of both copper and fibre optic cables; these standards define cable/wiring and data type.  The standards also specify alignment for data/voice communications. Most commonly, Cat 5e, Cat 6 & Cat 6a, fibre optic cabling, modular connectors, data points, wiring racks and patch panels.

Our cabling engineers recommend and install the best cabling solutions for businesses. The network may already be up and running in your organisation, or perhaps you are planning an office move, or just need additional data points in your building due to expansion; whatever the case, we can assist you with your requirements.

At Talk Telecom, our cabling engineers provide future proofing for your network connections. For larger organisations a common network design with all networking equipment and servers for the business are centrally located in a network rack, with structured cabling that connects a central patch panel to distributed data points that patch into end user devices, VoIP phones, Wireless access points and other networking equipment. Smaller businesses and branch offices may not require centralised networking but still require wired connectivity across the building and office space.  We can also provide Comms cabinets, patch panels and network switches to complete and compliment of your new state of the art structured cabling installation.


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