Why is my broadband slow?

Slow broadband speeds have been a problem in the UK for many years. The government recently acknowledged that fast broadband is a necessity and pushing hard to ensure all businesses and consumers have the fastest broadband available. The UK’s average download speed is approximately 14.6Mbps.

Unfortunately, slow speeds can’t always be avoided as your business or home may be a long way from the telephone exchange. The further away you are from the exchange means the slower the broadband speeds.

If you believe you should be getting faster broadband speeds, here are Talk Telecom’s Top Tips to maximise your broadband speeds

  1. Test your speed

We recommend – http://speedtest.btwholesale.com/

  1. Check you are on the fastest available product

To do this go to – http://www.dslchecker.bt.com/adsl/adslchecker.welcome and input your telephone number.  Your telephone line will now be tested to see what speeds the line can support and what products are available.  If fibre broadband is available and you are on ADSL, we recommend upgrading to fibre broadband.

  1. Update your browser

Updates are being made all the time to browsers, so using the latest version will greatly reduce the time it takes to surf and download web pages.

  1. Reposition your router

The position of your router can affect the quality of your wireless connection. Place your router in an area where the signal will be affected by as few obstructions but is still close to your telephone point and computer or wireless device. Keep your router away from apparatus which emit wireless signals (Like cordless phones).

  1. Switch

After all these measures, if your current package still isn’t giving you the speed you want, it may be time to switch provider.  If your interested in learning more or would like to talk to us about what we can offer for your office or home, please call 0333 240 6660 or send us an email sales@talk-telecom.co.uk and we will be happy to help.



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