Smartphones become the ‘go to’ device thanks to 4G

Latest figures from Ofcom show the speed and reliability of 4G networks means that UK consumers now spend up to two hours online on their smartphones every day – which is almost twice as long as on laptops and TVs.

Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report found that 33% of Internet users in the United Kingdom use their smartphone as their primary device surfing the web, as opposed to 30% who stuck to laptops and PC’s.

Back in 2014, only 22% of people favoured their smartphone over their computer for using online. A rise of 11% is presumed to be down to both the rise in 4G and the capabilities of modern day smart phones – with responsive mobile friendly websites on the rise too it’s no wonder people are sticking to using one device for multiple purposes.

Now 66% of UK adults own a smartphone – a rise of 27% when compared to 2012 figures. It will come as no surprise that 16- to 24-year-olds had the highest ownership level, with a whopping 90%. But 55 to 64-years-olds were also getting to grips with smartphones, with ownership rising to 50% from just 19% in 2012.

Ofcom director of research James Thickett, said “4G has supercharged our smartphones, helping people do everything from the weekly shop to catching up with friends with a face-to-face video call. For the first time, smartphones have overtaken laptops as the UK’s most popular Internet device and are now the hub of our daily lives,”

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Author: Kerry Raymond – 02.09.2015

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