5 reasons to choose Fibre Broadband

1 – Fibre broadband connectivity is essential for your business

Super-fast Fibre broadband is a necessity whatever the size of your business. Businesses with a large number of employees, that have installed super-fast broadband no longer have to compete for access to slow and limited conventional broadband services, which increases efficiency and can prevent the burden of under performing machines being laid on the shoulders of IT departments across the country.

2 – Fibre broadband can support the usage of many devices simultaneously

Where existing broadband struggles, fibre broadband triumphs! With the ability to support an ever  increasing number of Internet-capable devices in the home or work place, including mobile phones, iPads and tablets, games consoles or even your Sky+ boxes.

In its 2012 Communications Market Report, Ofcom identified strong growth in the adoption of Internet-enabled devices, each household in the UK is thought to now have on average three different types of Internet-enabled devices. These devices all compete for the same limited bandwidth, and basic broadband services with slower speeds will no longer be enough!

3 – Without super-fast Fibre broadband, your streaming needs could suffer

Many bandwidth-intensive services use broadband as a delivery mechanism including video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Netflix and Sky Go.

Netflix can demand up to 6Mbps to stream high-quality video. Without super-fast broadband, consumers have a reduced set of online services to choose from as their standard broadband simply isn’t capable of supporting their needs.

4 – Fibre broadband could increase house prices

A survey carried out by ispreview.co.uk found that a staggering 68.8% of participants would be deterred from buying a “beautiful new house” if it didn’t have super fast broadband. With a further 73.9% considering that broadband was “critically important” to their home life.

As we become more and more dependent on a fast, reliable, high quality internet connection, standard broadband it being further pushed out the way. Many see fibre broadband as the future and frankly wouldn’t settle for a below par internet speed.

5 – It’s cost effective and a pain-free upgrade

All of Talk Telecom’s fibre broadband products including the new super fast EtherStream product can be installed very quickly, normally within 30 days. Please give us a call to discuss your particular requirements.

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